Pastel Painting and Color

Sheri RamseyRamsey Art Studio has been open since 1972.

I paint what excites me and always have.

It could be color, shape and/or line. This has been my story from the beginning. Although subject matter preference has changed from time to time, color is what really grabs my attention and keeps it throughout the painting.

My journey has taken me from still life, to figures, to protraits, to landscapes, to abstraction with overlaps for each change. Right now, I am very attracted to working on abstracted landscapes and non-objective abstraction. For me, it is hard to paint abstracted landscapes because if I am not careful, the paintings might get too realistic.The non-objective paintings take me much, much longer to paint because I have no reference points, to get ideas, to tell me what to do next or to suggest what is wrong. My brain is overheating but having an interesting time!

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Photo courtesy of Don Ramsey.